In light of the most recent massacre in Texas, just only a few weeks after the Vegas massacre, we have decided to forego waiting for more festivals and release Good Guys With Guns online to get as many people to see it. It’s too important not to.

As you know, this film is about what happens when too many “Good Guys with Guns” try to stop a robbery, but know one knows who the good guys are because everyone has a gun.

As writer and director of GGWG, my impetus for making this film was to shed light on the danger of arming every citizen, and the ease of gun acquisition in this country.

It’s important to note that my executive producers and I have differing viewpoints on gun control and gun laws, however we do agree that the senseless violence must end.

Although we disagree on how to end, it, we came together to make this film to also illustrate that people with different viewpoints can unite for a common cause. We hope to elevate the conversation between opposing sides on this issue.

We will release Good Guys With Guns online without the credits tomorrow morning, November 9th, runtime 5 minutes.

Please know I’ll post another update tomorrow morning once it’s available with links and hashtags for you to use on social media.

Let’s get this film out there for our common cause — END GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA!

So please, tomorrow, let’s make this go viral on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SHARE THE FUCK OUT OF IT!