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911, 2017

Texas. This has to end.

In light of the most recent massacre in Texas, just only a few weeks after the Vegas massacre, we have decided to forego waiting for more festivals and release Good Guys With Guns online to [...]

1610, 2017

Woodstock or Bust!

Megan and I are still reeling from the excitement of being featured at such an incredible festival. The 18th annual Woodstock Film Festival was AMAZING! Their hospitality and support made us feel like rock stars. [...]

910, 2017


One week after the Vegas massacre— this past Friday night— we had the honor of screening right before the opening night feature, Dreams I Never Had, at SPIFFest. During the screening, our audience was [...]

210, 2017

Our Hearts are with Vegas

Last night, almost 60 people were gunned down at a concert in Vegas by a shooter in a high-up hotel room. He had an arsenal with with. This is the largest mass shooting in modern [...]

2008, 2017

2 More Festivals!

We just found out that we were accepted to the San Pedro International Film Festival and the 18th Annual Woodstock Film Festival. We are beyond ecstatic! We will actually be the opening night short [...]

808, 2017

LA Cinefest 2017!

We are so excited to announce that we're a semifinalist for LA Cinefest!

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